Work From Home Is Up; Gasoline Consumption Is Down; Are You Taking Advantage?

Submitted by jasonsimpson on Thu, 05/14/2020 - 06:34

First let me say THANKS to the folks still going into work every day.  For the rest that are spending more time at home during Covid19, you are either working from home, or at home waiting to go back to work.  How are you spending your time?  Lots of people are spending less on gas.  If you are describing your experience from the last few months, what are some other things that might make the list?  

Some people are saying they are learning a new skill during this time. A personal friend of mine seems to have time to work on getting his CISSP certification. 

Some people are exercising more.  Home gyms maybe took a few weeks to build up, but I have heard of some awesome setups. 

Some people are spending more time reaching out to family members.  I know I am speaking to my family on a weekly basis now.

These are some of the positive sides of the lockdown.  However, there also could be some negatives.

People not exercising

People drinking more

People getting angry or depressed

Not everyone has that gene where they can stay at their house for long periods of time.  Humans are social creatures.  If you haven't "taken advantage" of the lockdown, do not feel bad.  Some home situations do not lend easily to being extra productive with everyone stuck at home.  Surviving could be your only goal, and if it is, keep going because you are doing great.